1. NEW TOWN: Phonica Records vs KRB

    With live visuals from vjayl at Bart’s Club, Barcelona

  2. Beach, Tapas, Wigs and Rock and Roll

    Photos courtesy of Louise Michel Jackson

    Idea original, dramaturgia, dirección y bailarinas: Raquel Gualtero and Louise Michel Jackson Visuales: VJ AYL

    "Young girls go laughing past on the road

    No one pays attention to the old

    But at least we know justice will be served

    In the end everyone gets their turn.”


    18 & 19th April 2014 at Zarko, Barcelona in association with Microcultura

  3. Painting with my hands… limitations lead to creativity. Limit yourself.

  4. The story of how a kidney infection saved my career.

    Finer liner, sketchbook work. 23rd March, 2014.

  5. 'Calavera' (Skull) gif, created by Fabio Rose 

    Ilustratiion by vjayl

  6. IT’S A MUST: Do we have to work? What will we remember when we are old? Is everything we grow up to believe wrong? 

    A late-night collage contemplating the meaning of life and considering rebellion.

  7. Next event with live visuals @7sins, Barcelona, Saturday 22nd March.



  9. One year since vjayl performed live with Espai for the Cau D’Orella electronic music festival in Barcelona, March 22, 2013.

    Photos courtesy of Cau D’Orella at Flickr.




  10. Evolution of the ball… screen shots from live visual session with keeprealbirds at Bart’s Club, Barcelona, March 7th.

  11. Screenshots taken from the live visual set by vjayl at Keeprealbirds Cabaret Session at Bart’s Club, 7th March.

  12. Drawing I made using a new interactive tool designed by http://salvonostrato.com/

    Highly recommended and highly addictive. Time to learn more about Quartz Composer…

  13. Next event I’ll be doing live visuals at in collaboration with the keep real birds.

  14. Learning to work with typography and poster design - screen shot from a poster design (illustrator).

  15. Screen shot from an interactive installation I created at niu espai d’art, where spectators were encouraged to draw live with my wacom bamboo, to the music. This is my drawing I did as an example.